LAmANDO - Character Animation for Storz and Escherich

VW Lamando - Wolfs for Storz & Escherich

Creature Animation for the commercials VW Lamando.

For Storz & Escherich, we created a digital wolf for the commercial Lamando for VW. First, we built an animation rig and realistic fur. We animated the wolf into the given footage. The challenging aspect of this process was creating a copy of the realistic wolves. Maya from Autodesk and Arnold from Solidangle were used during this process. To create the wolf’s fur, we used the Yeti plugin for Maya.

KARMA CHAKHS - 3D Animation

Growing trees for Christian Fischer

The new Karma Chakhs commercial and some growing trees.

For the campaign of the new Charma Chucks we did our part for the greater good and and let a tree grow as the reaction of the Charma Chuks influence to the environment. Christian Fischer was the director and creator of the commercial. Here you can see more about the Charma Chucks project.

RATIOFORM - 3D Character Creation

The new mascot of Ratioform

Character presenter for Ratioform.

For the german packaging company Ratioform we created their new mascot. We transformed the Ratioform hero from a 2D design into the 3D world. Now they have a 3d hero who can do all the work. The 3d character was created in Maya from Autodesk and rendered with Arnold from Solidangle.

THE SEVENTH DWARF - Animation Supervisor

Animation Supervisor for the 3D feature film Der Siebte Zwerg at Trixter

Animation Supervisor for the 3D feature film Der Siebte Zwerg at Trixter

As the animation supervisor, Robert Kuczera worked on the 3D animation feature film Der Siebte Zwerg for Trixter. At times, he coordinated over 10 animators. He also interpreted the ideas of the director to the animators. In doing so, Kuczera ensured the wishes of the film’s director were brought to life. Apart from supervising, Robert Kuczera also managed to animate difficult animation shots. Acting and action sequences were well-balanced. Shots with dancing characters were, as before, plentiful.

PORSCHE RED - 3D Animation

Porsche Red Animation

Car visualisation.

In our latest car RnD project - Porsche Red, we’ve been exploring on how to best create a complex stylized full CG environment with a full CG car animation. We used the leading 3D software Maya from Autodesk and Mental Ray as the renderer.

GHOTSHUNTERS - 3D Character Animator at Trixter

Character Animator for Gespensterjager at Trixter

Character Animation for Gespensterjager at Trixter.

Robert Kuczera animated the cartoon ghosts used for the German feature film Gespensterjager. Kuczera completed this task for Trixter in Munich, working alongside movie director Tobi Baumann. The 3D cartoon ghost character offered many possibilities. To create a dynamic and funny character with such potential, both Squash and Stretch were utilized. It was interesting and challenging to animate the ghost to multiple dance styles. Fortunately, the rig was done well. Animating the ghost to 15 different dance styles was thus possible.

Character Animator- 3D Animator in my own vfx and visual effects animation studio and animation studio

3D Animator and character animator in my own 3d and vfx animation studio and 3d animation studio

I worked as a 3D animator and character animator on over 20 vfx feature films and created hundereds of 3d characters. A lot of those characters in my own 3d and vfx animation studio.

Character Animation- 3D Characters vfx and visual effects animation studio and animation studio München

Character Animator, 3D Animator and Creature Animator in 3D characters vfx and visual effects animation studio and 3d animation München

Working as a character animator and 3d animator over 20 years vfx / visual effects production experience.