THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Character Animation

The incredible Hulk // RnD

3D Character Creation and Animation

In my latest character RnD project - The incredible Hulk (Copyright Marvel) as a fanart , I’ve been exploring on how to best create a complex full CG character animation with dynamic cloth and muscles simulations, hair and cloth rendering aswell as complex facial animation. I tried different workflows, techniques and processes to reach the goal, and I also build a pipeline to realize that kinds of complex animations.. I used the leading 3D software Maya from Autodesk and the world best renderer Arnold for this task.
This fanart project has no commercial use and is a tribute to the great work of Marvel. With this work I demonstrate my skills with one of the strongest Marvel characters there is.

Anatomy studies
The incredible Hulk

ANDROID - Character Animation for SKY

Dancing Android for tv station Sky Germany

We created a dancing Android character for the tv station Sky.

We crafted this Android commercial for the television station SKY Germany. With the help of a 2D reference, we created the 3D Android character. Two different types of software were primarily used for this project: Maya from Autodesk and Arnold from Soldangle. Developing the dance animation and aligning it to the music was the most interesting part of the Android’s development. To make the character behave and dance like a cartoon, we made a flexible cartoon rig.

KUKA - Character Animator for Punchin Pictures

Kuka and dancing Robots Animation

Maya and XSI working together

For the new Kuka commercial Robert Kuczera animated the Kuka Robots for Punchin Pictures. The animation was done in Maya and then transfered to Softimage and rendered there.

TARZAN 3D - Animation Supervisor for Constantin Film

Animation Supervisor for the 3D feature film Tarzan at Constantin Film

3D feature film Tarzan produced in germany by Constantin Film

Robert Kuczera, the animation supervisor, worked on the 3D animation feature film Tarzan 3D for Constantin Film. Working directly with the director of the movie – Reinhard Klooss – at the Bavaria Filmgeande was beneficial. We worked alongside international actors like Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke, the Mocap actors. The Mocap actors were used as the basis for the animation. They were very useful for shots with multiple characters. At times, Robert Kuczera coordinated over 10 animators as animation supervisor. He also interpreted the ideas of the director to the animators in order to better fulfill the wishes of the director.

PORSCHE RACE - 3D Animator

Porsche Carrera 911 // RnD

Porsche Carrera 911 in action.

In our latest car RnD project - Porsche Race, we’ve been exploring on how to best create a complex stylized full CG environment with a full CG car animation with time ramps, light streaks and interaction with the environment. We used the leading 3D software Maya from Autodesk and Mental Ray as the renderer.

WOOLFBLOOD - Creature Animator for Trixter

Woolfblood - 3D Animation

Creature Animation for the tv series Woolfblood

For the tv series Woolfblood Robert Kuczera animated several shots with the main wolfs at Trixter. The creature animation was done in Maya.

3D Animator- Character Animator in my own vfx and visual effects animation studio and animation studio

3D Animator and character animator in my own 3d and vfx animation studio and 3d animation studio

I worked as a 3D animator and character animator on over 20 vfx feature films and created hundereds of 3d characters. A lot of those characters in my own 3d and vfx animation studio.

Character Animation- 3D Characters vfx and visual effects animation studio and animation studio München

Character Animator, 3D Animator and Creature Animator in 3D characters vfx and visual effects animation studio and 3d animation München

Working as a character animator and 3d animator over 20 years vfx / visual effects production experience.