CYBORG | Breakdance Animation

In a private endeavor, we created a mesmerizing breakdance animation featuring a Cyborg dancer, showcasing the fusion of futuristic technology and urban artistry. Using Autodesk’s Maya, we meticulously choreographed each move to highlight the Cyborg’s agility and style. From intricate footwork to gravity-defying spins, every motion conveyed the Cyborg’s mastery of breakdancing. Rendering with Redshift ensured unparalleled visual quality, capturing every detail of the Cyborg’s metallic body and dynamic moves with stunning realism. This project pushes the boundaries of animation, celebrating the intersection of technology and art in the digital realm with a captivating and visually stunning breakdance performance.

Client: 3dcharacters
Postproduction: 3dcharacters
Task: 3D Creature Animation
Format: 4 sec short
Year: 2024