RTL Jungle Camp for Capture Media

We created a 3D caterpillar for RTL Jungle Camp

For Capture Media Dusseldorf, we created a 3D caterpillar for RTL Jungle Camp. With a 2D reference painting of the caterpillar, we built him in 3D, created an animation rig, and brought him to life. We used software called Maya from Autodesk. Creating the animation rig and matching the caterpillar to the life action characters was a challenge. Each life action character was tracked to 3D Dummy Characters. They were then delivered as reference image sequences. Then, we adjusted and animated the 3D caterpillar to match the animation of the life action characters. The shading, texturing, and rendering were all done by Capture Media Dusseldorf.

Client: Capture Media
Brand: RTL Dschungelcamp
Task: Character Animation
Format: 30 Sec | commercial